About Loren It's Nice to Meet You!

Loren Klingman

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Greer, SC. Loren currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his beautiful wife Emily.

Loren's research interests include system building, software engineering, and machine learning particularly as they can be applied to solving problems in today's world.

Loren began learning HTML in 8th grade. By high school, he was coding in PHP and writing interactive websites. During his undergraduate education at Clemson University, he worked with a team of nursing and computer science students to research teaching methods for electronic health record software. For his honors thesis, he investigated trust with regard to virtual machine images.

After graduation, Loren lived in Thailand for two years, working for an international organization as one of their primary web developers. After returning to the US, he completed a master's degree in Computer Science at Clemson University with his thesis: Corl8: A System for Analyzing Diagnostic Measures in Wireless Sensor Networks. He then spent the next two years as the Manager of Data and Analytics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Outside of work, Loren enjoys a variety of activities including swing dancing, going to church, and spending time with his friends. He also enjoys traveling around the US and internationally, taking pictures of nature, singing, and on occasion, working on concert and football game production crews.


  • MS in Computer Science - Clemson University, May 2014 (Thesis)
  • BS in Computer Science - Clemson University, May 2011